Snoqualmie Valley's longest running music festival!

July 20-21, 2018

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Live Music


Main Stage

Sweetkiss Mama - 11:15pm

Amber Lanterns - 10:10pm

Fortress of the Bear - 9:05pm

Garrett & the Sheriffs - 8:00pm

Half Price Savage - 7:00pm

River Stage

Purr Gato - 12:00am (Midnight)


Main Stage

Hill Stomp - 11:15pm

Staxx Brothers - 9:55pm

Big Blue Van - 8:35pm

Power Laces - 7:30pm

Northern Shakedown - 6:25pm

Cosmic Serenity - 5:20pm

Spicy Tunas - 4:15pm

Everson Pines - 3:10pm

Daniel Pellegrini Band - 2:05pm

Ruins of Neptune - 1:00pm

River Stage

Deadly D & Shanty Dwellers - 8:10pm

The Ditrani Brothers - 7:05pm

Ian Ayers - 6:00pm

Cousin - 4:55pm

The Latona Family Band - 3:50pm

Singer Song Writers: Jessica Brasch, Elora Jean, Davy Michaud, & Housecoat - 2:00pm

The Stinky Beaver Band - 1:00pm

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If you have any questions about attending the festival, artist booking, or vendor inquiries, please give us a call or email via the address below and we will respond as soon as possible.


7330 Tolt River Rd NE, Carnation, WA 98014